Don L Price



Achieve the results you want and SUCCEED NOW through Hypnotherapy.

You will find the learning and positive change process effortless, easy, and permanent with our most modern hypnosis and professional techniques.

Private Hypnosis Sessions.

Our private, personalized, and highly customized sessions are held in our office. For those who need the utmost privacy, or are physically challenged, office or home sessions are available as well. All private sessions in our office are professionally recorded for reinforcing your new learned habits of behavior. The recording enables you to experience your positive change session over and over from your home or office.

Your hypnotherapy session(s) consists of the following:

An extensive needs analysis to determine what area of your life you are interested in improving upon - i.e.: Business, Family and Personal life.

  • Weight control
  • Stop smoking
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Improve memory - retention & comprehension
  • Stress control and manage anxiety
  • Sports excellence, sleep, confidence, and self esteem
  • Sales, marketing, management and leadership confidence
  • Pre and post-surgical fears, pain and stress

This allows us to customize your session to meet with your specific needs, goals, desires and objectives. The elimination of any misconceptions you may have regarding the process of hypnosis and its applications.

You are instructed in the technique of self-hypnosis so that you will be equipped to practice on a daily basis to improve and enrich the quality of your life.

The time length of your  session is approximately sixty to ninety minutes. All sessions are customized to meet your specific needs and are professionally recorded on a CD or Smart-phone when your session is held in our office.

Finally, a professional Hypnotherapist that makes office and house calls.*

Don L. Price makes office and house calls to those who need the utmost privacy or are physically challenged. Travel time rates may apply in addition to the session fee. When booking such a session, please arrange a quiet area with either a sofa or a recliner. Also, make sure you will be uninterrupted from the sounds of children, pets, telephones, television and all other disruptive noise. It is also best to be able to dim the lights for maximum effectiveness. *Our program requires a controlled process and will vary in length of time and investment


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