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Don L Price Hypnotherapist and Transformation Coach Los Angeles, CA

Don L. Price - Certified Hypnotherapist and Transformative Coach - Helping people through hypnosis to achieve goals, improve athletic performance, overcome fears, doubt, depression, phobias, anxiety, shyness, procrastination and More!

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Don L. Price is a Professional Motivational Speaker, Author, Master Hypnotherapist and Sales/ Marketing, Positive Change Solutions Provider with more than 36 years of high-level corporate experience in marketing, sales training, stress management, hypnosis and personal success coaching.

His journey in life started out at the age of 9 when he began selling various products door to door and then after high school and during college became an assistant sales manager for a major beverage firm in Los Angeles.

His next climb up the corporate ladder occurred during the 70’s where he became vice president of management development and retail operations for a large retailer of a major international corporation.

After many years working in the higher echelons of the corporate world, Don began to explore the mind and realize the potential of self hypnosis and the power of the mind. He began using the techniques for his own development, but soon found that he was able to help others make positive changes in their lives.

Don’s passion and love for helping others succeed was a dream come true in building a successful private hypnotherapy practice and delivering programs throughout the USA, Mexico and South America. He coached and spoke on topics such as: Business and Personal Success; Group Selling and Presentation Skills; Positive Change Solutions through Hypnosis; Thought Power the Incredible Energy Force to Change Anything you Desire; Overcoming Fear and Procrastination, Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques.

He has written and contributed to many books, personal improvement audio programs and course material. These include: -Secrets of Personal Marketing Power for Achieving Greater Personal and Business Success; -The Impetus Principle and Overcoming Doubt, -Fear and Procrastination.

A resident of Los Angeles CA, Don has been listed in Who’s Who in Professional Speaking and has made appearances on radio and television programs as a positive change strategist.

All programs are custom-crafted with a focus on solutions to specific challenges and concerns facing his audience and clients in order to inspire, motivate and energize individuals to their peak performance.

You can reach Don L. Price at 800-782-2333

Jim Zinger CSP Hypnotherapist

Jim Zinger, CSP - Hypnotherapist, Motivational Speaker, Founder and CEO of Hypmovation Inc & SwimmerBuddy.

Jim Zinger’s belief in self-hypnosis as a tool for achieving one's personal and business goals led to the development of his highly acclaimed program Life Enrichment Though Self Hypnosis. This program covers business, family, and personal areas. These techniques for life enrichment have been taught at Braille Institute, USC, Litton, Lockheed, Xerox, Hughes, General Telephone, and the United States Postal Service, just to name a few. More than 50,000 people graduated from this positive, powerful program in his first 10 years of business.

Jim received the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) title from the National Speakers Association. He was one of the first 100 individuals worldwide to have earned this designation and has spoken at countless conferences and conventions internationally.

He continues to use the secret power of his subconscious mind in daily life, as well as to compete in sports, to undergo surgical procedures without the use of anesthetics, and to manifest and share his creativity and inventiveness with those around him.

Jim is currently enjoying life in Florida with his wife, while Don L. Price is heading Hypmovation Inc and Hypmovation Training Institute.  Jim is not slowing down any time soon; his latest invention, SwimmerBuddy, is a safety device he created for open water swimmers, like himself. To learn more about SwimmerBuddy, click here.
To learn more about Jim Zinger CPS, visit his website.


Escape from Alcatraz: 76-year-old Naples man swims from famous prison for second time

  • Jim Zinger prefers swimming in frigid waters without a wet suit near a famous prison over confined and chlorine-infused pools.
  • The Naples man — who turns 77 on June 12 — completed the same feat May 25 that he did 12 years prior by swimming the two-mile stretch of water that connects Alcatraz prison to mainland San Francisco.
  • Zinger fell in love with open-water swimming years ago.
  • “You don’t have to stop and turn like you do in a pool,” Zinger said.
  • He completed the swim without a wet suit or flippers by using self-hypnosis to enter a heightened state of focus. Zinger battled choppy waters, strong currents, chilly temperatures and foggy skies after disembarking from a boat that took him to Alcatraz, which for years was home to the country's most notorious criminals including Al Capone.
  • Zinger began swimming around the same time he completed his first trip to Alcatraz  and after getting the idea from his wife who had seen a group of people on television trying the swim and pointed it out on his 65th birthday.
  • “She said, ‘Look at these characters,’” Zinger said, who considers himself a thrill-seeker. He saw the popular open-water swim as his next challenge, as well as a birthday present to himself.
  • Five years ago, Zinger made the move from California to Naples, taking advantage of the beautiful coastline and warm Gulf of Mexico waters, swimming four to five times a week.
  • “I swim straight out a mile,” he said. “You can’t even see me from here. And then I turn around and come back.”
  • With the help of a few experienced friends, Zinger took the opportunity to train himself in proper swimming technique to become more efficient in the water, which he said he had lacked during the first swim from Alcatraz.
  • “I really did not know how to swim,” Zinger said. “I could stay above water and I could have stamina, but I didn’t have any style, technique or speed.”
  • As Zinger’s interest and time spent in the ocean increased, his wife began worrying he would be hit by a passing boat during one of his swims. Zinger created the SwimmerBuddy, a safety device that would give both him and his wife peace of mind. The device attaches around a swimmer’s waist, towing behind them, allowing them to be visible to boaters and lifeguards.
  • This newfound sense of confidence in the water is what caused Zinger to agree to swim from Alcatraz 12 years later, he said. Zinger stayed in Malibu for four days prior to the swim to acclimate his body to the colder west coast temperatures, which differ from those in Naples by about 30 degrees, Zinger said. 
  • Once more, Zinger would attempt the swim without a wet suit.
  • A trained hypnotherapist and motivational speaker, Zinger started his own hypnotherapy company, Hypmovation Inc., in 1968.
  • During the majority of his open-water swims, and both of the Alcatraz swims, Zinger uses waking hypnosis. He describes this as a state in which the person’s eyes are open and they are functioning normally but with a heightened sense of focus.
  • “You hear athletes say that they’re ‘in the zone’— that’s hypnosis,” Zinger said. “They’re not worried about their son or their daughter or their wife or whether they’re gonna hit the ball. They’re focused on what they’re doing, and the rest of the world doesn’t count.
  • In this state, Zinger is able to shut off every part of his body not needed for swimming, he said.
  • “I can make my body like a wet suit, like an otter or a seal,” Zinger added.
  • In addition to the challenging elements open-water swimming presents,  swimmers may also come face-to-face with different types of wildlife. Zinger has seen dolphins, manatees, jellyfish and sharks while swimming off the Naples shores, he said.
  • “I had a (bullhead) shark come at me,” Zinger said. “What are you gonna do? Nobody dies before their time.”
  • During the Alcatraz swim, Zinger did not see any sharks  or sea lions, although it's possible there were some in the water. Being able to see wildlife is one of Zinger’s favorite parts about open-water swimming, he said.
  • Accompanied by nearly 40 other swimmers and guides in kayaks, Zinger completed the second swim in 54 minutes, almost one hour better than his original time of one hour and 42 minutes.
  • Even though the skies were blue and the water was much calmer than his first swim, Zinger said, he attributes his faster time to his improved swim technique as well as his use of self-hypnosis.
  • “I’m a better swimmer,” he said. “I literally was just flailing in the water. I would look like a good swimmer because my arms were moving fast, but I wasn’t going any place. So there’s much more to every sport than meets the eye.”
  • As for if he’ll venture back to the infamous island for a third time, Zinger was unsure.
  • “I’ll probably end up doing it again when I’m 80, but I don’t have to,” he said. “That’s the beautiful thing about living here, in Naples. It’s just a fun thing to do.”